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1、In general, what is KEDGE-SJTU Global MBA admission criteria?
Bachelor or higher degree plus a minimum of 5 years managerial experience, good level of English competence (listening, speaking,reading and writing). Applicants with work experience in MNC and entrepreneur accomplishment are preferred.

2、I have 3 year College diploma; Can I still apply to Global MBA?
Yes, but you need to provide a proof of at least 8 years managerial experience. Due to the rapid increase of applicants, we suggest you submit your application forms and related documents to prove your business achievement before June.

3、Do I need to provide a TOEFL or IELTS score? Will this influence my application?
Applicants should have good level in English. Please provide any kind English language certificate (IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC). We will also arrange our BAT test and interview in English to evaluation.

4、My written English is fine but my oral English is not so good. Does it matter?
KEDGE-SJTU Global MBA is an exclusively English programme. This means all classes are delivered exclusively in English, class discussions and oral presentations are also in English only. So, yes, your level of oral English does matter.
If your working language is English, you will get more possibility to be admitted and finish your study. If your incompetent oral English was identified during the interview, then you will be given the following choices: either take intensive spoken English classes and submit your application and join the second round interview (3 months later), or take regular spoken English training during the whole year and join Global MBA in the following academic year .

5、What if I have no degree?
You can still apply to Global MBA. You should be generally qualified and provide proof of work experience at a managerial level and be a confirmed special asset as businessman.

6、Does my major influence my chances to be admitted to Global MBA? What if I am not a Management and Economics major?
The major has no influence on the decision to admit a candidate or not. Quite on the contrary, Global MBA welcomes good candidates from all fields in order to make the learning experience as multicultural and diversified as possible.

7、Is there a minimum age for applying Global MBA?
It is generally considered that under the age 26 might too young for an MBA programme. On the other hand, the minimum required qualifications are bachelor degree and 5 years managerial experience - anyone living up to these criteria may apply. The final decision will be made upon the overall impression of the application file and the interview. Currently the average age of Global MBA participants is 34.

8、Comparing the KEDGE-SJTU Global MBA with other MBA programs, what are the distinguishing features of the Global MBA?
The Global MBA offers not only academic knowledge but also practical experience at high-level management. Most participants have worked in MNC such as the Boston Consulting Group, JP Morgan, British America Tobacco and Societe Generale.
Many local managers are familiar with China market, but lack the advanced western concept and experience in management. With Global MBA, participants will share the splendid experience of these international faculty and benefit in long-term practice.

9、What is the scale of foreign faculty?
Above 95% are foreign faculty members. Out of 20 courses, 18 are taught by foreign professors. The Global MBA is very international.

10、Are all the foreign faculty members from France? Can participants understand their English lectures?
The foreign faculties are completely international. They are from Australia, USA, Britain, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Poland and India, etc. They are experienced in teaching international courses in perfect English.

11、In a comparison with other MBA programs, what is the distinguishing feature of Global MBA?
Global MBA is comparatively high-quality and professional. Three majors---the Finance major, the Global Management major and Brand Design & Innovation Major are aimed at managers who need more advanced management knowledge during a rapid development of their career. The goal of above 3 majors is to help these managers to face more difficult challenges with confidence and have multicultural talents.
Furthermore, pre-module---Leadership program is also value-added for middle-aged managers. The rapid promotion of our former graduates has proven that participants can re-realize themselves and make a clearer orientation for their career in the coming 20 to 30 years.

12、What is the program duration of Global MBA?
The programme lasts for 20+3 months and participants will take 20 courses and have a 3-month thesis writing project. For example, if you start in November of 2015, all courses will be finished in July 2017, you will take the thesis defense in September 2017.

13、Is it a full-time program?
No. It concentrates on 3 full days (usually from Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Monday) each month. Participants can do further study without break from their work.

14、During the study, if I am absent from one or more courses because of an emergency, will it affect my study?
We do the module teaching so you can make up your missing courses with the next intake. If you miss the first six courses (from October to the following April), your graduation will not be influenced. In order to avoid schedule conflict, you should arrange your time in advance after you receive the curriculum timetable.

15、I have been away from an academic environment for quite a while. I might need some refreshment of my academic skills like writing a thesis, etc. What can be done for me?
At the beginning of the curriculum, orientation modules are taken by all participants. These include ‘Presentation Skills’ and 'Leadership Program'. Both are aimed at getting all participants familiar with Global MBA norms of written and oral presentations.

16、I am an expatriate, does my poor Chinese influence my study?
No it doesn’t. All courses at Global MBA are taught in English. As 95% of the foreign faculty and most participants from MNC speak English, your communication will be smooth.

17、How do I know what chances I stand to be admitted?
If the following criteria are applicable to you then you will have a higher chance of admission: If you have:
  • Reached and exceeded the admission criteria
  • A good English competence
  • A history of rapid professional development
  • A strong motivation and commitment for completing the MBA programme on a part-time basis.
There are two application phases. Your documents will be evaluated in the first phase. If you pass the second interview phase successfully, our offer letter will reach you in 10 days.

18、What degree will I obtain at Global MBA?
You will receive a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from KEDGE Business School (France).
The same MBA degree is awarded to graduates at Kedge Business School. This degree is authorized by Ministry of Education, China (MOE31FR1A20030602O). This MBA degree is also accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. That makes Global MBA degree both internationally and domestically regonized

19、What are the requirements for the degree?
Getting all the credits, passing all exams and thesis defense.

20、Are the all 20 course compulsory?
Except the elective courses.

21、How much does the Global MBA programme cost?


  • Finance Major
  • Global Management Major
  • Branding Strategy for Business development Major


  • Wine & Spirit Major
  • Entrepreneurship Major
  • Driving Ecosystemic Innovation Major
  • Driving Sustainable Change Major
  • Aligning Global Strategy And Supply Chain Strategy

All above tuition fees are 358,000 RMB.

22、What is the procedure for tuition payment?
You need to exchange your RMB money into Euros and T/T Transfer it to KEDGE Business School account in France. For a detailed procedure, you can receive assistance from Global MBA.

23、Should I pay all the fees as soon as the study begins?
No, your payment can be divided into two installments. However you must pay 50% before the formal opening, and pay the other 50% by the end of August next year.

24、May I apply for more installment payments?
Yes, you may. We will make the plan of installment payments according to your application case-by-case.
You can apply for a study loan or installment payments base on your personal credit.

25、What are the costs of international study trips?
You will pay for your transportation, food expense, airticket and visa application fee.