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KEDGE - SJTU Global MBA Program


In order to meet the critical demand for talents, KEDGE Business School and  Shanghai Jiao Tong University jointly establish the Global MBA  program to satisfy the localization of multinational companies, the internationalization of local companies. This program is authorized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China: MOE31FR1A20030602O.

The distinctive features of the program are as follows:

•1 of leading MBAs in Asia-Pacific (N°22 EMBA Rankings, Top 30 Worldwide since 2014).
•2 prestigious schools (KEDGE was founded in 1872, SJTU was founded in 1896)
•3 international accreditations (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS)
•4 majors in Shanghai China
•5 majors in France, break your “glass ceiling” of career move.
•7 international study trips (one compulsory), with more professional opportunities.
•1000+ alumni network, integrate Asian and European business leaders

•Leadership focus, enhance critical soft skills

Four Majors in Shanghai China

Finance Major:

In addition to their functional responsibilities, it is increasingly important for managers to familiarize themselves with the capital structuring of their business. This major helps you to break the bottleneck by emphasizing managerial knowledge on investment and finance.

Global Management Major:

Increasing numbers of MNCs are setting up Asia-Pacific head quarters in China. The internationalization of Chinese companies is irreversible. Consequently there is a huge demand for managers with an international vision, operation skills and market exploration capabilities in this expanding multicultural environment. The major will provide you deep insights and skills in how to manage global businesses.

Branding Strategy for Business development Major:

The Major is for business professionals and creative professionals who want to differentiate themselves and get an edge in the marketplace. It’s for people who want to become more user-centered, empathic centered, leading with a holistic encompassing approach by becoming a problem solver, critical thinker, and have the abilities to challenge ideas and processes. It’s for engineers, salespeople, programmers, design managers, brand manager, designers, account handlers, who want to be able to use design thinking to thrive in the future business arena.

Talent Management Major:
In today’s global economy, talent has become a key competitive resource. The ability to strategize and implement talent development at government and corporate level is a key challenge for success in taking leadership roles in the global economy. This Major builds and inspire talent strategist.

Five Majors in France

Wine & Spirits Management Major:

The Major trains professionals on the fundamentals of management applied to the wine and spirits industry (sales techniques, marketing tools, global strategies) and enables them to develop a dual product-management skill profile thanks to the well-known and recognized wine and spirits academics and guest speakers in Australia, California, China, South Africa, and France.

Entrepreneurship Major:

Core MBA-length application of all management tools and techniques providing a wrapping-up and in-depth working of the student’s professional project. Develop an individual professional project to transform ideas into solid intra- and entre-preneurship ventures with a sustainable twist. The programme aims at preparing and coaching the students towards the preparation of their personal professional business project.

Driving Ecosystemic Innovation Major:

This major addresses the demand of managers, consultants, engineers and scientists interested in pursuing a career in the management of innovation and new product/service development. In particular individuals working in highly innovative and turbulent environments subject to frequent disruptions will find that the major will provide them with cognitive frames and tools preparing them to become effective managers in such environments.

Driving Sustainable Change Major:

Benefit from KEDGE’s international network of top business schools on 4 continents and follow courses dedicated to the most pressing issues facing business managers today and in the years to come – the management of limited resources (human, financial, raw materials, energy). Integrate social and environmental strategies into your core business so that they both create business and societal/ environmental value. Learn how to bridge the critical gap from boardroom decision-making to operational management practice. We focus on the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. This Major will have three classes (one in France and two international).

Strategic Supply Chain Major:

the objective of this major is to understand the key concepts of supply chain management (SCM) and transport operation, identify how competitive advantage can be derived from improving transport operations within the supply chain and understand the latest development in transport and specifically air and maritime transports

About School
Established in 1872, KEDGE Business School (former Euromed Management) was the first business school in France and it is ranked as one of the top ten Grande Ecole de Management. The part-time MBA program ranked 22 worldwide (Financial Times 2016), and EQUIS AACSB and AMBA accredited.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, founded in 1896. Through 120 years' unremitting efforts, SJTU has become a comprehensive, research-oriented, and internationalized top university in China.

Program and Degree
The classroom-workplace format helps you to pursue a graduate management degree without interrupting your career. Modular teaching, concentrates on three full days (from Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Monday) each month in the delivery of one course. The program lasts for 20+3 months and participants will take 20 courses and have a 3-month international management project. Upon completion of the program (thesis) with a graduation grade, a MBA degree will be granted by the Kedge, and a certificate will be issued by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Admission Criteria
Career background and academic qualifications are the two principal criteria for admission. Applicants should have:
1.    Bachelor or above, at least 5 years managerial experience.
2.    If diploma, at least 8 years managerial experience.
3.    Pass the Business Aptitude Test (BAT) and face-to-face interview, organized by two institutions. (Applicants don’t need to take the MBA National Entrance Exam)
4.    Strong motivation and commitment for completing the MBA program on a part-time basis is expected. The student’s employer must agree to give one working days off for study each month.

Opening date: Dec. 2017

Tuition Fee
800 RMB Application fee, and the tuition is 358,000 RMB.
This tuition includes all tuition fees, textbook, coffee breaks, school’s facilities, exclusive of international study’s round return air ticket and meals.

Contact Us
KEDGE-SJTU Global MBA Program
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