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Michel Gutsatz (France)
Professor of KEDGE, EMBA/MBA director of KEDGE.
Research Area: Luxury Brand Management.



Chevalier, M. & Gutsatz, M. (2012) Luxury Retail Management: How the World's Top Brands Provide Quality Product and Service Support. Singapore: John Wiley & Sons.


Auguste, G., & Gutsatz, M. (2013) Luxury Talent Management, Leading and Managing a Luxury Brand. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.


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Michel Gutsatz

Dean & MBA Director Brand Strategy & Brand Development Luxury Brand Management Consumer Trend Analysis

Since 2012 CEIBS (China Europe Business School - Shanghai) Adjunct Professor in Marketing

Coordinator of the Annual Prestige Brand Conference

Since 2008    KEDGE Business    School

Professor, Associate Dean & Director of DBA & MBAs

Leading and developing the MBA/DBA programmes (Kedge Global MBA Part Time Marseille & Shanghai, Antai Kedge Executive MBA Shanghai, DBA Marseille    & Suzhou).

Since 2008    Michel Gutsatz Conseil

Strategic brand consulting & Brand Audits for Brands and Investment Funds

3i, Babor, Chanel, Dior, Gazelli, Jacuzzi, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, La Gardenia, Nokia (Vertu), Riedel, Technomarine, The Estee Lauder Companies, Unilever

2003-2008    WHITE SPIRITParis

Managing Director, Partner

White Spirit is a brand ^tr^tegy & packaging design agency 2002 : Sales 732 000 € Profit : - 72 000 € Employees : 5 2007 : Sales 1 720 000 € Profit : 353 000 € Employees : 11 Responsibilities:

In charge of the agency’s management

In charge of the « Brand Strategy » practice in Food, Cosmetics, Wines & Spirits, Home

In charge of luxury & premium customers in packaging design In charge of Conferences and agency communication strategy Major clients :


Gucci Group - Chanel - Groupe Remy Cointreau - Intermarche - Auchan -Groupe Berger - YonKa - Total

2000-2002 BALLY GROUPCaslano (Switzerland) Human Resources & Internal Communication Director

Bally is a luxury brand distributed in 180 FOS. Bought by Texas Pacific

Group in October 1999, a new Management Team has been brought together to reposition the brand as a luxury lifestyle brand.


Member of the Executive Committee

Definition et implementation of HR and Internal Communication policy & procedures

Definition & implementation of customer relationship strategy Project leader on Quality Policy & Sales Personnel training.

1995-2000    ESSECParis

Director MBA in International Luxury Brand Management

Creation & development of the first worldwide MBA specialized in the

management of luxury brands

Development of partnerships with LVMH, L,Oreal, The Estee Lauder Companies, Cartier, Montblanc, Escada, Ermenegildo Zegna, Firminich Built tools to gather and disseminate knowledge on the industry (data bases, press reviews...)

Organized the ECHOS Conference on luxury industry for 3 years Published papers on the management of luxury brands

1990-1995    Faculte des Sciences Economiques Aix Marseille 2

Maftre de Conferences in Economics

Director of DESS « AgriFood Industries Management »

Director of Master « HR Management »

1986-1990 Faculte des Sciences Economiques Aix Marseille 2


Direction of the largest French Faculte d’Economie outside Paris (70 professors, 60 employees, 3000 students, Budget : 15 Million Francs excluding salaries)

Management of the construction of 2 buildings of 3 500 sqm each -financed by the Ministry and by local state authorities.


1982-1986 Faculte des Sciences Economiques Aix Marseille 2

Assesseur du Doyen in charge of pedagogy 1970-1986 Faculte des Sciences Economiques Aix Marseille 2

Assistant Professor in Economics

Education 1986    Universite Aix Marseille 2    Aix-Marseille

Docteurd’Etat in Economics

Docteur de 3eme cycle in Economics

1972    Universite Aix Marseille 1    Aix-Marseille

Master in Art History & Archeology

1970    Ecole des Mines    Nancy

Ingenieur Civil des Mines

Languages Bilingual in English (secondary schooling in India)


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■ LUXURY (selection)

o Strategies for Creating & Developing Chinese Luxury & Prestige Brands (CEIBS, Shanghai, 2012)

o How Can a Nation Create World Class Brands without Having World Respected Culture? (CEIBS, Shanghai, 2011)

o Looking Forward : will Luxury Brands Thrive beyond the Economic Crisis ? (Special focus on China) (Shanghai, 2009)


o Gucci vs. Ralph Lauren : analysis of two business models (L’Oreal) o Luxury and Premium mobiles (Communicate with Style - London 2007) o Web 2.0: Are you on Board ?, 2007 Luxury Briefing Conference (London) o New Luxury and its consumers (Contact - Zurich 2006)

■ BEAUTY (selection)

o The development of Chinese luxury & prestige brands ( BBP, 2011) o Distribution issues in Natural & Organic Beauty Brands (Natural Beauty Summit Europe 2009)

o La convergence beaute-sante-forme: la beaute n’est plus I’apanage exclusifdes marques de beaute (Salon Beyond Beauty 2007) o La montee en puissance du mass market et les nouveaux circuits de distribution des cosmetiques (Salon Beyond Beauty 2007) o Natural & Organic cosmetics: trends in consumer behaviour (Natural Beauty Summit Europe 2008)

o Le developpement des marques « doctor brands » (Salon Beyond Beauty 2006 ) o Le developpement des medi-spas (Salon Beyond Beauty 2006) o Les spas, concept de marque ou opportunite marketing? (Salon Beyond Beauty 2005)

■    BRANDING (selection)

o How can Brands use Social Media & Internet to Develop their Business ? (Madrid, 2009)

o La porosite des marches: une opportunite de croissance pour les marques (2008)

o Marques Distributeurs et Gammes 1er prix: quelle place pour les Marques Nationales?

o Les Marques Emotion existent-elles?

■    TRENDS (selection)

o Mega Trends in Consumer Experience & Service (Paris, 2011) o Customer expectations and behaviour trends in regard to biodiversity

preservation, social responsibility, fair trade…What strategies and practices to address these changes? (Cosmethica, 2009) o Green Living: du bio aequitable, les nouveaux territoires des marques (2008) o Quelles strategies d’innovation pour les marques face a la bipolarisation « low cost » - « premium » des marches ? (2008) o La place centrale du design et du packaging dans une strategie d‘innovation