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Star Prof. Michel Gutsatz: Branding Stra

Let’s compare two large players in the cosmetics industry, Innisfree vs. Sephora, as an example. Innisfree connects the brand with the serene and natural scenes of J…

Michel GUTSATZ: Generation Y & Luxury

Do you know "Generation Y" (or the "Millennials")? Born between 1977 and 1994, they represent, for example, 25% of the American population and spent over 150 billion…

Michel GUTSATZ: A&P's Private Brand Stra

In less than three years, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., a distributor in northeast America, has completely revamped its private brand strategy (see Store Bra…

Michel GUTSATZ: Do you know

"Polyvore's mission is to democratize fashion", said its Managing Director, Katherine McClymonds, at the recent WWD Social Media Forum.