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1、In general, what is the SJTU-KEDGE EMBA policy regarding university degree and working Experience?
Candidates must have a recognized bachelor degree or higher, a minimum of 8 years working experience and five years of management experience.

2、I have a 3 years' College diploma, can I apply to SJTU-KEDGE EMBA?
Yes, but you'll need to provide proofs of having at least 12 years of full-time working experience, including 8 years of management experience. Due to the rapid increase in the number of applicants and the limited places offered to college diploma candidates, we suggest you submit your application form with the related documents to prove your business achievement 4 months before the application deadline.

3、Do I need to provide TOEFL, IELTS or GMAT score? Will it influence my application?
TOEFL, IELTS or GMAT score is not compulsory. The applicants must pass the entrance test which is co-organized by the two schools and the interview.

4、My Chinese is not good, does it matter?
SJTU-KEDGE EMBA is a bilingual teaching program. All classes in Chinese will have simultaneous translation.

5、Does my major influence my chances of being admitted to SJTU-KEDGE EMBA? What if I didn’t major in Management and Economics?
The major has no influence on the decision to admit a candidate. SJTU-KEDGE EMBA welcomes good candidates from all fields in order to make the learning experience as multicultural and multi-track as possible.

6、Is there a minimum age for applying to SJTU-KEDGE EMBA?
The minimum required qualifications are of a bachelor degree + minimum 8 years of working experience (5 years management experience). Anyone that satisfies these criteria may apply. The final decision will be made based on the Application File and the Interview.

7、Comparing with other EMBA programs, what are the distinguishing features concerning the faculty of SJTU-KEDGE EMBA?
AEMBA faculties are both academic professors with renowned reputation in management and business education, and CEOs and Senior Consultants from MNC as ING, British American Tobacco, BCG, PWC, and Roland Berger & Mercer.

8、How many foreign faculty teach in the EMBA?
Above 60%. 11 courses out of 19 are taught by foreign professors.

9、Are the foreign faculty all from France? Is their oral English understandable?
The foreign faculty is international. They are from USA, Great Britain, Holland, Sweden, Poland and India etc. They are experienced in teaching international courses in perfect English.

10、Comparing with other EMBA programs, what are the distinguishing features of SJTU-KEDGE EMBA?
SJTU-KEDGE EMBA provides a platform for innovative study. The curriculum is composed of four modules. There are four distinguishing features compared with other EMBA programs:
•    Dual – degree of Executive MBA, lifting your personal brand at both domestic and international level
•    Exciting learning experience, three pillars to coach you: Senior faculty, chief consultants, and participants with live cases
•    A Part-Time EMBA program (taught in English and Chinese) allowing you to study in China while developing your international carrier in the Asia-Pacific region
•    Executive-level business club and alumni network
•    A Business Executive Training Abroad (BETA) program
•    Exclusive Leadership coaching, fusing eastern and western leadership

11、What is the length of SJTU-KEDGE EMBA?
This part-time based program lasts for 24 months. Each course or module lasts four full days (from Thursday to Sunday).

12、If I am miss one or more courses because of an emergency, is there any effect on my studies?
The program is organized by modules so you can make up your missed courses with the next intake. In order to avoid timetable conflict, you should arrange your time in advance after you receive the schedule.

13、I have been away from an academic environment for quite a while. I might need some refreshment of my academic skills like writing a thesis, etc. What can be done for me?
At the beginning of the curriculum, orientation modules are taken by all participants. These include ‘Presentation Skills’ and 'Leadership Program'. All aim at getting all participants familiar with EMBA norms of written and oral presentations.

14、I am an expatriate, does my poor Chinese influence my study?
No, it doesn’t. As 60% of the foreign faculty and most participants from MNC speak English, your communication will be smooth.

15、What degree will I obtain at Executive MBA?
Upon successful completion of the program, Kedge Business School delivers its  Master of Business Administration degree, and Shanghai Jiaotong University delivers its Master of Business Administration degree which is approved by the Degree Administration Committee of the State Council, P.R. China.

16、What are the requirements for the degree?
Finishing all courses, passing all exams and thesis defense.

17、Should I pay off the fees before the program begins?
No, your payment can be divided into two installments. However you must pay 50% of the fees before the formal opening, the remaining 50% must be paid off before June of the second term.

18、What are the costs of studying in France?
The cost of Business Executive Training Abroad (BETA) program is covered by the tuition fee, but participants must pay the international flight and accommodation in France.