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Application Steps

Tutorship Before Exam And Exam Schedule For 2016 Fall EMBA
Early batch interview
Jan 22nd, 2016 (Friday)
Feb 26th, 2016 (Friday)

Tutorship Before Exam Written Test/Interview
First Batch Mar 18th, 2016(Friday) Mar 19th, 2016(Saturday)
Second Batch Apr 15th, 2016(Friday) Apr 16th, 2016(Saturday)
Third Batch May 13th, 2016(Friday) May 14th, 2016(Saturday)

Mode of application
You can apply to the SJTU-KEDGE Executive MBA program online or on site.

1. Online Registration
Enter Application Online System Here (Recommended)

2. On site registration
•    Step One: Formal application. Complete the application package with other necessary documents.
•    Step Two: Attend test and interview in English. The presentation of your strategic project will be the core content of the interview.

Application Documents
1.Completed application form;
2.Photocopy of highest degree (certificate);
4.Two reference letters from professors or executives in your business field;
5.1500 RMB application fee.