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The SJTU KEDGE Executive MBA targets senior managers who already have a basic academic education and a number of years of hands-on managerial experience.

Four cutting-edge block are delivered via an innovative learning approach whose three Pillars are: teaching by a faculty of excellence, diagnosis of live cases and coaching by senior consultants.

The SJTU-KEDGE Executive MBA begins with the Boardroom Meeting and Strategic Thesis Project block. Based on real world challenges, the student has to prove that he or she is able to integrate the various elements of the modules in a holistic approach. Ideally, the strategic project should be related to the student’s company or organisation. As such, the results of the project might be useful to the company and even implemented upon the student’s graduation.

The Management Fundamentals block is designed to deepen and broaden the student’s knowledge of important aspects of global business management including strategy, finance, logistics and ICT, and human resources.

The Leadership and Communication block enhances the management capacity of the student through courses in team and conflict management, negotiation, time management and interpersonal communication, amongst others.

The Cross-Culture and International Vision block is geared towards reinforcing knowledge of international economics and trade, geopolitics, cultural diversity, ethics and sustainable development.

First pillar:
Teaching by a faculty of excellence. A strong international faculty with a renowned reputation, many of whom are internationally recognized scholars and senior consultants of companies.

Second pillar:
Diagnosis of live cases. Participants share the case of their companies for solving complex problems. In such, participants can have in-depth understanding on several brand new industries and management fields.

Third pillar:
Coaching by senior consultants. Top consultants are invited to deliver cutting-edge business practices and business intelligence.